Mature Does

Every spring I offer several mature does for sale in order to keep my numbers down. If you are interested in purchasing a mature doe please email me at and let me know what it is you're looking for.

2023-2024 Breeding List

Doe Buck Price Reservations
Allure YBNVS Lebaron Exige 600 1 Buck Reserved
1 Doe Retained
Beauty YBNVS Jim's Envoy 500 1 Doe Retained
Ewok Willow Run GB Juan Carlos 600 1 Doe Retained
Zaltana Patteran REF Madcap 500 1 Doe Retained
Kazuma YBNVS Jim's Envoy 500 1 Doe Retained
Dublin YBNVS Flare of Astonishment 450 1 Doe Retained
Elinah YBNVS Lebaron Exige 450 1 Doe Retained
Barcelona Patteran REF Madcap 400



Glamour YBNVS Envoy Enchanted 400  
Kosetsu YBNVS Flare of Astonishment 400  
Mojito YBNVS Envoy Enchanted 400  
Elinore YBNVS Flare of Astonishment 400  
Charm YBNVS Lebaron Exige 400  
Tahiti YBNVS Envoy Enchanted 350  
Zinder YBNVS Lebaron Exige 350  
Zenica Patteran REF Madcap 350  
Zalina Patteran REF Madcap 350  
Dubai YBNVS Envoy Enchanted 350  
Zamona YBNVS Flare of Astonishment 350  

Semen for Sale

We have a limited amount of semen available from a few select bucks. We can arrange to bring semen to any shows we will be attending and transport is also possible to the ADGA National Show or Convention. Please email for semen sales.

AI YBNVS Radical Zest
$40 a Straw


AI YBNVS Lebaron Exige
$50 a Straw


Lisa Eruhow-Hagan
PO Box 356
Yacolt Wa 98675


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