AI YBNVS Flare of Astonishment

    SSS: ++*B Missdee's R.M. Bravo
  SS: Qu'Appelle Bravo Titan 
    SSD: Qu'Appelle RV Titian
Sire: SG +*B Qu'Appelle Titan Solar Flare
    SDS: GCH +B Iron-Rod Supersonic
  SD: GCH 4*M Qu'Appelle Supersonic Eclipse
    SDD: GCH 3*M Qu'Appelle Rembrandt Gazelle
    DSS: AI YBNVS Radical Zest
  DS: YBNVS Zesty Zidell
    DSD: AI YBNVS Rico Suave's Zamira
Dam: YBNVS Zidell's Allure  
    DDS:  GCH ++*B Redwood Hills Sunshine Reverie
  DD: AI YBNVS Reverie Katsumi
    DDD: YBNVS Zensational Kamali

0000Astonishment is a beautiful young buck who is so correct that everyone comments on how nice he is when they visit the farm. He has a nearly idea rear leg set, straight fore legs and a long flat bone pattern. I'm looking forward to seeing his first kids!

Date of Birth:

March 18, 2022

Limited Semen:

$30 a straw

Linear Appraisal:
01-03 GP84 V+V
(Yearling Score)


  Astonishment as a kid

Astonishment's dam Allure as a four year old EX92 EEEE


Lisa Eruhow-Hagan
PO Box 356
Yacolt Wa 98675


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