AI YBNVS Radical Zest


    SSS: ++*B Sunshine Stella's Vicar
  SS: GCH ++*B Redwood Hills Sunshine Reverie
    SSD: GCH 4*M Redwood Hills Fortune Teller
Sire: GCH ++*B Tempo Aquila Free Radical  
    SDS: GCH ++*B Tempo Aquila Amor
  SD: GCH 2*M Tempo Aquila Free Love
    SDD: GCH 1*M Tempo Aquila Free Spirit
    DSS: ++*B Willow-Run LA Armand
  DS: +*B Hoach's Revolution
    DSD: CH The Hoach's Rose Reflection
Dam: AI CH YBNVS Revolutionary Zolara  
    DDS: Hill n Holler Odo Marquis
  DD:SGCH 1*M YBNVS Marquis Zamora
    DDD: CH Hill n Holler Navarre Zoe

0000Zest is so much prettier than this picture but it's the best I could get of him. He is everything you could want from this breeding. A large and powerful buck. He's extremely long bodied and angular with a good set of feet and legs. He has been passing these traits onto his daughters who share his structural correctness, length of body, dairy strength and short strong pasterns. Their udders are well extended in the fore, good height and width in the rear with improved teat size and delineation over their dams.

Limited Semen: 5/$200
Date of Birth:

April 20, 2014

Linear Appraisal:


Zest's dam Zolara 2013 AGS National Champion!

Daughter YBNVS Zesty Ember

Daughter YBNVS Zesty Belize
Daughter YBNVS Zesty Kazuma

Daughter YBNVS Zesty Elite
Daughter YBNVS Zesty Berlin

Daughter YBNVS Zesty Zadona



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