YBNVS Zesty Ember


    SSS: GCH ++*B Redwood Hills Sunshine Reverie
  SS: GCH ++*B Tempo Aquila Free Radical
    SSD: GCH 2*M Tempo Aquila Free Love
Sire: AI YBNVS Radical Zest  
    SDS: +*B Hoach's Revolution
  SD: AI CH YBNVS Revolutionary Zolara
    SDD: SGCH 1*M YBNVS Marquis Zamora
    DSS: GCH ++*B Hoach's QAAG Lasabre
  DS: ++*B Sand Dance HLS Rico Suave
    DSD: GCH 5*M Crystal Creeks Robin
Dam: AI YBNVS Rico Suave's Embargo  
    DDS: SG ++*B Goodwoods James
  DD: AI CH YBNVS Jim Endora
    DDD: AI GCH 1*M YBNVS Relent's Emblem

0000Ember is my only two-year-old but what a two-year-old she is! She looks very similar to her older sister Belize with that beautiful outline. She already has the depth of body into the rear barrel and the milk production of an older doe as a first freshener. She excels in general appearance with a strong set of feet and legs, natural width between the hocks and straight fore legs. She is so full of promise for the future!


Date of Birth:

April 21, 2019

Show Record:

2 x 1st
2 x 2nd

Linear Appraisal:

002-05 VG89 VEVE
00(First Freshener)



Ember as a first freshening two year old



Ember at her first show as a milker!





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