AI YBNVS Rico Suave's Embargo


    SSS: ++*B Qu'Appelle Alchemist Goldsmith
  SS: GCH ++*B Hoach's QAAG Lasabre
    SSD: GCH 2*M Hoach's Lacey
Sire: ++*B Sand Dance HLS Rico Suave  
    SDS: +B Serendipity's DW Abriaham
  SD: GCH 5*M Crystal Creeks Robin
    SDD: 4*M Hoach's Rebel
    DSS: ++*B New Era's Cappuccino
  DS: SG ++*B Goodwoods James
    DSD: GCH Goodwoods Ranchman Jamison
Dam: AI CH YBNVS Jim Endora  
    DDS: *B Sunshine Rehma Relent
  DD: AI GCH 1*M YBNVS Relent's Emblem
    DDD: CH YBNVS Nominee's Echo

0000Embargo is a very special doe and her quirky personality makes her a barn favorite. While not the largest doe in the barn she always makes her presence known. She is very correct in general appearance with short strong pasterns, good angel the hock when viewed from the side, a long level topline and a smoothly blended front end. She is very angular and has good the depth into the real barrel making the classic wedge shape. Her udder is extremely well attached both fore and rear. Her extension of fore udder is especially nice. Embargo has been an important part of my breeding program and always out produces herself. She's been retired and will stay at home to enjoy her retirement.

Date of Birth:

March 25, 2013

Show Record:
1 x Best Doe in Show
1 x Grand Champion
4 x Reserve Grand Champion

Linear Appraisal:
005-03 FS91 VEEE

Embargo's Rear Udder



Embargo as a dry yearling


Lisa Eruhow-Hagan
PO Box 356
Yacolt Wa 98675


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