CH YBNVS Nominee's Echo

    SSS: GCH ++*B Abundance Danish Classic
  SS: *B Maple Glen Classic's Vincent
    SSD: 5*M Maple Glen Emma
Sire: AI Hill n Holler Vincent's Nominee  
    SDS: *B Hill n Holler SM Elevation
  SD: CH Hill n Holler EL Vanila
    SDD: Hill n Holler Sky Vivage
    DSS: AI *B Exemplr Concert Master
  DS: Hill n Holler CM Navarre
    DSD: CH Hill n Holler EL Vanilla
Dam: CH Hill n Holler Navarre Zoe  
    DDS: *B Hill n Holler RQ Valais
  DD: Hill n Holler Valais Zerlina
    DDD: 4*M Hill n Holler Fanci Zeta

00000Echo is the most level and smoothly blended doe in my herd. She has a beautiful wide square rump that is extremely flat from hips to pins and thurl to thurl. Echo has strong general appearance and is a wide and powerful doe who still maintains her good dairy character and graceful carriage.
0000Echo has a strong area of udder attachment both fore and rear with a nicely rounded arch and a good medial. She also has good teat placement and symmetry. Echo is a slow maturing doe along with the rest of my "Z" line and is only continuing to improve with age. At 10 years she looks as good as ever and is turning into one of my most valuable brood does.

Date of Birth:

June 15, 2003

Show Record:
1 Best Udder of Breed
3 Grand Champion
5 Reserve Grand Champion

Linear Appraisal:
05-01 FS90 EEEE
02-12 VG89 VVVE



Echo (2nd from left) was part of the Best 3 Females in Show and the Supreme Alpine Dairy Herd at the 2007 Oregon State Fair!


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