AI YBNVS Envoy Enchanted


    SSS: ++*B New Era's Cappuccino
  SS: SG ++*B Goodwoods James
    SSD: CH Goodwoods Ranchman Jamison
Sire: AI YBNVS Jim's Envoy  
    SDS: *B Sunshine Rehma Relent
  SD: AI GCH 1*M YBNVS Relent's Emblem
    SDD: CH YBNVS Nominee's Echo
    DSS: *B Hoach's Rose Medallion
  DS: Hoach's La Coor
    DSD: Hoach's Lyric Lefevre
Dam: AI YBNVS La Coor Eclipse  
    DDS: ++*B Sand Dance HLS Rico Suave
  DD: AI YBNVS Rico Suave's Enigma
    DDD: CH YBNVS Nominee's Echo

0000Enchanted is a strikingly correct young buck who is the spitting image of his sire Envoy. He is wide and deep with good general appearance and a beautiful alpine head. Used on only a few select does his first year, each had a beautiful doe kid so I couldn’t be happier. They are all smoothly blended with good angle to the hock, long level toplines and high wide escutcheons so I’m excited to see how they mature.


Date of Birth:

May 4, 2020

Linear Appraisal:



Enchanted's sire AI YBNVS Jim's Envoy EX 90 EEV



Envoy's full sisiter AI CH YBNVS Jim Endora EX 92 EEEE



Enchanted's dam AI YBNVS La Coor Eclipse EX91 VEEE



Lisa Eruhow-Hagan
PO Box 356
Yacolt Wa 98675


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