Patteran REF Madcap


    SSS: SG ++B Sunshine Seign Sedric
  SS: *B Chairein Sedric Zazzy
    SSD: GCH 1*M Nixon's Showy Zheila
Sire: *B Chairein Zazzy Reflector  
    SDS: SG ++B Nixon's Wizard Yankee
  SD: SG 1*M Chairein YK Replica
    SDD: SG Nixon's Vanguard Xelda
    DSS: Pleasant-Grove Nut Denali
  DS: PJ-Baileys' Denali Arioch
    DSD: GCH 2*M PJ-Baileys' Sulten Anzella
Dam: Patteran Arioch Jalousie  
    DDS: +B Nodaway Rachel's Gavin
  DD: Nodaway Gavin Snafri
    DDD: SGCH 1*M Nodaway Gyro Spirit

0000Madcap has an excellent rear leg set, short strong pasterns, good angle to the hock, a high wide escutcheon, lots of natural width between his hocks and straight fore legs. Unfortunately, we only received all buck kids from Mapcap in 2021 but do have one doeling from 2022! His kids shared the same excellent qualities as their sire and were very uniform in type
0000Madcap's dam appraised FS91 EEEE in 2022 and Madcap appraised a EX90 EEE in 2023!


Date of Birth:

March 24, 2020

Limited Semenl:

$30 a straw

Linear Appraisal:
03-01 EX90 EEE



Madcap at two years old



Madcap's dam Patteran Arioch Jalousie FS91 EEEE


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