AI YBNVS Envoy Zinder

    SSS: ++*B New Era's Cappuccino
  SS: SG ++*B Goodwoods James
    SSD:GCH Goodwoods Ranchman Jamison
Sire: AI YBNVS Jim's Envoy  
    SDS: *B Sunshine Rehma Relent
  SD: AI GCH 1*M YBNVS Relent's Emblem
    SDD: CH YBNVS Nominee's Echo
    DSS: ++*B Hill n Holler Startrek
  DS :AI YBNVS Startrek Evo
    DSD: YBNVS Zephyrus Elyria
Dam: YBNVS Evo's Zahari  
    DDS:YBNVS Zesty Zidell
  DD: YBNVS Zidell's Zerlinda
    DDD: AI YBNVS La Coor Eclipse

0000Zinder is the long-awaited combination of Envoy and Zahari. She is everything I hoped for in this breeding. She has a long high arched neck, strong pasterns and strength of bone. Zinder was Best Junior Doe in Show her only time shown!
0000There is a saying that winning Best Junior Doe in Show is like the kiss of death. This means that they won't freshen with a nice mammary system, but Zinder proved that old saying wrong! She could use a little more teat delineation, but has a seamless fore udder, strong medial and an especially high and wide rear udder in that beautiful U shape! She is definitely a keeper!

Breeding Plans:

Date of Birth:

April 4, 2022

Show Record:

1 x Best Junior Doe in Show
1 x Junior Champion
1 x 1st

Linear Appraisal:



Zinder winning Best Junior Doe in Show!





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