AI YBNVS Revolutionary Zulu


    SSS: AI ++*B Hoach's Lyric Landmark
  SS: ++*B Willow-Run LA Armand
    SSD: GCH 1*M Maple-Glen Classic's Angela
Sire: +*B Hoach's Revolution  
    SDS: AI ++*B Hoach's NW Zeanna Genesis
  SD: CH The Hoach's Rose Reflection
    SDD: GCH 5*M Crystal Creeks Irish Rose
    DSS: AI *B Exemplr Concert Master
  DS: Hill n Holler CM Navarre
    DSD: CH Hill n Holler EL Vanilla
Dam: CH Hill n Holler Navarre Zoe  
    DDS: *B Hill n Holler RQ Valais
  DD: Hill n Holler Valais Zerlina
    DDD: 4*M Hill n Holler Fanci Zeta

0000Zulu is another buck who was sold as a kid so a huge thanks to Tamara Taylor with the Patteran herd for allowing me to bring these genetics back via AI. We'll be using Zulu for long level toplines, wide square rumps, well attached mammaries with especially high wide rear udders and smaller size teats.

Date of Birth:

March 21, 2009



Zulu's dam CH Zoe
3/4 sister CH YBNVS Revolutionary Zolara 2013 AGS National Champion!

Paternal Sister YBNVS Revolutionary Eden

Paternal Sister SGCH Waiilatpu HR Seraphia VG89 VEEV

Paternal Sister 3*M Waiilatpu HR Seraphia VG89 EEEV
Paternal Sister GCH 1*M Waiilatpu HR Naomi EX91 EEEE
Paternal Sister SGCH Waiilatpu HR Candleinthewind EX90 EEEV

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