AI YBNVS Revolutionary Eden

    SSS: AI ++*B Hoach's Lyric Landmark
  SS: ++*B Willow-Run LA Armand
    SSD: GCH 1*M Maple-Glen Classic's Angela
Sire: +*B Hoach's Revolution  
    SDS: AI ++*B Hoach's NW Zeanna Genesis
  SD: CH The Hoach's Rose Reflection
    SDD: 5*M GCH Crystal Creeks Irish Rose
    DSS: ++*B New Era's Cappuccino
  DS: SG ++*B Goodwoods James
    DSD: GCH Goodwoods Ranchman Jamison
Dam: AI CH YBNVS Jim Endora  
    DDS: *B Sunshine Rehma Relent
  DD: AI GCH 1*M YBNVS Relent's Emblem
    DDD: CH YBNVS Nominee's Echo

00000Eden was a smoothly blended and powerful doe. She had beautiful breed character about the head with a wide dished face and small high set ears. She had strong general appearance with a beautiful rear leg set and short strong pasterns. Eden had one of the highest and widest escutcheons in the herd with a beautiful rear udder to go along with it. A very productive doe is the milk bucket who was always easy on the eyes!

Date of Birth:

May 2, 2011

Show Record:
Linear Appraisal:
02-01 VG89 VEEE



Eden's dam Endora winning Best in Show!


Lisa Eruhow-Hagan
PO Box 356
Yacolt Wa 98675


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